Vision :
We want to be the most admired company by our employees, partners and customers.

Mission :
“Wireclass is dedicated to enable our customer´s success through innovative, best-in-class solutions built on trusted partnerships.”

Core Values :

Since inception, Wireclass has been governed by our core values. They form the foundation of our culture and strengthen the relationship we share with the external world. We at Wireclass strive to incorporate these guiding principles in our work life and collaborate for success.

TRUST This is an integral part of our value system. We need to earn business in the right terms that enhances the Wireclass brand in the market place. We need to earn the TRUST of our customers, partners and employees.

RESPONSIVENESS Our approach to business is by being responsive and attentive in supply chain. We not only trust our fellow employees but also respond to their needs in a timely fashion. Many times we may disagree and may not have all answers. But responsiveness is our differentiator.

EMPOWERMENT The trust and freedom of execution is always associated with empowerment. We believe this core value will enhance our ability to stay on top of our goals.

ALIGNMENT In a team work our alignment with fellow employees, partners and customers is an important measure of our success. This core value will improve our chances of winning large projects and adding new logos becomes much easy.

TRANSFORMATION We are operating in a dynamically changing market place. Our ability to re-tool our employees will increase our chance to innovate with new solutions and respond to changing needs.

We take pride in embracing our core values and demonstrate excellence and commitment in everything we do.