At Wireclass, our everyday business is guided by a very direct set of beliefs. Value, Visibility and Velocity – the 3 Vs – provide a very solid framework for all areas of our business. At its core, the 3 Vs improve our responsiveness to our customer´s needs.

Visibility : Visibility (or Transparency) allows Wireclass to see progress and any barriers to success. Visibility throughout the organization allows us to quickly see, and promptly address, challenges and opportunities. Wireclass provides both transparency and consistent delivery process from all of our centers worldwide. Your data, metrics and performance management statistics are measured and monitored in real–time, with the ability to react quickly and decisively to any problems that may arise. Visibility at Wireclass fosters an “all-hands-on-deck” philosophy where our stakeholders recognize a problem and work collaboratively to fix it.

Velocity : Allows us to adapt quickly – even anticipate to changes in the marketplace and your business. Velocity means being flexible and reacting to change as quickly as possible. Slow processes reduce quality, drive costs up and customer satisfaction down. We must move quick to identify where we have delays in any process, identify the problem – and eliminate it. By making data–driven decisions we can become very fast while improving quality. Improving quality then improves speed – allowing Wireclass to make the right decisions on time, every time.

Value : To our staff, customers and shareholders – is considered and upheld in all we do. If anything we do does not produce value – we quite simply shouldn´t be doing it. A focus on value forces all of our resources to activities important to our customers. Value can be demonstrated by becoming a customer–centered organization. At Wireclass, we believe that quality is best defined by our customers – using their metrics. Whatever is critical to our customers becomes a critical–to–quality metric.

By using the 3 Vs to guide our business philosophy, Wireclass is able to enhance the customer experience – for both our clients and their customers.